About Us

About Us

 Castleberry church is made up of people who have a common belief about Jesus Christ. We believe God created people to have a personal relationship with himself. This relationship is damaged when people do not live up to God’s standards. Jesus can restore people’s relationship with God. The Bible, God’s own word, leads people to Jesus and helps them know and love God. Castleberry church is a family of believers, restored in Jesus and joined together to serve Him.







On Sunday, March 8, 1936, seventy-six people assembled at the Castleberry School House to worship together, and formed the Castleberry church of Christ. In May, 1936, the group purchased a lot at 5550 Baylor Street in Fort Worth and in August 1936 began constructing a building...Read More








Castleberry church has chosen four men to be our leaders or elders. These men accept the responsibility of providing spiritual direction for the church and caring for people’s spiritual needs. To support their efforts, several men serve as special helpers or deacons...Read More








Castleberry church believes the Bible should be loved, respected, obeyed, and taught. We encourage everyone to study, know, and follow the Bible. David Holder and Tim Jennings devote themselves to teaching and preaching the Bible for Castleberry church. We also suport men to teach and preach the Bible in other places, both domestic and international...Read More