What We Do

What We Do

We strive to honor and respect God for his love and power and meet together regularly to bring glory to him. The Bible teaches us to love God and love others. We express our love for God and encourage each other through praise, service, and spiritual growth.




We want to praise God for His power and love. We meet regularly to sing praise songs, pray, observe a memorial of the sacrifice of Jesus, and study the Bible together. We have three opportunities for praise each week and regularly host special events.








We encourage each other to serve in love and unity. Members visit and care for our sick, open their homes to encourage young people, and provide for those with special needs. We also encourage each other to serve all people with love and care.








We hope to know God better and serve Him more, so we are interested in growing spiritually. Through worship, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer we help each other grow in faith, hope, and love.