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Current Events

Our Fall Forum will focus on "Overcoming Trauma", including discussion panels on these topics:

  • Grief, especially losing a spouse
  • Marriage problems, especially infidelity
  • Addiction, especially to alcohol and drugs
  • Ways believers can help each other deal with trauma.

Mark your calendars for October 18-19, 2019. Don’t miss these important discussions.


Friday 7PM: Introduction & Losing Someone You Love. 20 Minute Q&A
Saturday 9AM: 30 Minute Talks followed by 15 minute Q&A
Infidelity, Jason at 9AM; Addiction, Zeke at 10AM; Helping Truama, David at 11AM
The final Q&A will be approximately 40 minutes. 
Sunday 9:30AM: A 30 minute presentation from each on their respective topics. 

Speaker Bios:
Shane Scott 
was born and raised in Winchester, KY. He is a graduate of Florida College and Cincinnati Christian Seminary. He has worked with churches in Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee, and currently, Shane preaches for the Valrico, Florida, congregation. In his spare time, Shane is an avid Kentucky Wildcats fan and sings in a barbershop quartet. Shane was single for many years, as was Kristi (Bennett). He was 43 and she was 41 when they married. Their 7-year marriage was cut short when cancer took Kristi’s life in October 2018. Shane will speak to us about the Trauma of Grief: Losing Someone You Love.

Jason Moore will also be speaking at our upcoming Fall Forum. He grew up near Knoxville, TN, as did his wife Jennifer. They began dating in their late teens in 1986. They attended Florida College together, married in June 1991, and in September 1992 moved to Pasadena, TX where Jason began serving as a minister of the gospel in a training arrangement with Dee Bowman. They spent eleven years with the Southside congregation and afterwards worked with churches in Birmingham, AL and in Tampa, FL. In 2010, while preaching in Tampa, Jason was caught in adultery. He and Jennifer contemplated moving back to Tennessee near family but decided that returning to Birmingham offered the best combination of spiritual safety and accountability for healing, restoring trust, and overcoming the injuries caused by Jason’s sin. Among a myriad of graces that God bestowed, while working in temp positions, the couple prayed for an opportunity to work together so they could spend time pursuing a mutual purpose most days. The Lord graciously answered that prayer and since May 2011 they have been working together for a company owned by believers that supplies student housing furniture to universities. They worship with the Christians at Greystone, a small church that meets in a suburb of Birmingham. Jason writes, “A great circle of brothers and sisters have shown to Jennifer faithful love and to me amazing grace. A smaller, intimate circle of “mighty men” have been counselors, confidants, and champions for us against Satan’s devices. But Jennifer has been my Moses, the redeemer God raised up to deliver me from captivity and to bring us both through the wilderness to His place of promise. Jenn wears a bracelet inscribed with God’s vow to the plagued penitent in Joel 2:25: ‘I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten.’ We have found it so.” Jason will speak about the Trauma of Marriage Problems, Especially Infidelity.

Zeke Flores was converted to Christ at the age of 33 in 1994 after two decades of drug and alcohol abuse. The Rio Grande Valley church of Christ in Belen, NM was very encouraging and put him to work immediately participating in the worship services. He got the opportunity to preach soon after. Zeke has been preaching full-time since 2000 when he got the opportunity to quit his steady job of 20 years and work with the small congregation in Belen where he and his family were baptized. The Flores family moved to Texas (got there as quickly as they could!) in 2005 to work with the church in Angleton. Currently he and his wife Cheryl live in Baytown, TX and worship with the Eastside church of Christ where he’s been preaching since 2013.

Zeke and Cheryl have been married for 40 years and have 3 daughters, all married to good men, and have been blessed with 5 grandsons and a granddaughter. They’re empty-nesters but thank God they live close enough to their kids and grandkids to see them often! Zeke will speak about the Trauma of Addiction, Especially to Alcohol and Drugs.

David H. Pickup is a Christian and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He currently operates two private psychotherapy practices in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. He works primarily with men dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction and uses authentic Reparative Therapy. David underwent extensive training in Reparative Therapy underneath the direction of Dr. Nicolosi, the creator of Reparative Therapy, and he now offers training in this therapy to other therapists. Reparative therapy is his life’s work to assist men and boys in healing the wounds of their male gender identity and who are transforming out of homosexuality into heterosexuality.

Pickup is a board member of the National Association of Research and Therapy for Homosexuality, and he is a regular speaker at NARTH conferences ( He also speaks to churches, political and professional organizations who need help to understand the true nature and treatment of homosexuality. This year he is entering his doctoral candidacy in Psychology at California Southern University. David also conducts in-person or online training seminars for pastors who need to thoroughly understand homosexuality in terms of its nature, how these feelings can actually change, and how they can minister effectively to those who are struggling with these issues according to sound biblical principles. Spiritual counseling is given for those who need and want this.

David Pickup is the lead plaintiff in Pickup vs. Brown, the lawsuit brought against California for its new law that has banned Reparative Therapy for minors in that state. Pickup is also a national lobbyist for the National Therapeutic Task Force, which has been successful in helping to defeat 16 out of 18 therapy bans in state legislatures in 2015. He is a speaker for the Texas-wide Faith/Family/Freedom Tour, which has just begun to educate the public in gender/sexuality issues and their spiritual, cultural, and political effects in America. Pickup has spoken about homosexuality and Reparative Therapy on many news shows such as CNN, Dr. Drew, and many radio shows around the U.S. David Pickup is the son of Harry Pickup, Jr., who preached for Castleberry church in the mid 1950s. David will speak to us about Believers Helping Believers with Trauma and about Same-Sex Attractions.


Our 2019 theme is Focused on God, Filled with the Son and Spirit, Fruitful in Serving. Please join us to find out more about how we will be teaching and emphasizing these aspects of our faith throughout the year!

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    12/11/19 07:30pm
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    12/15/19 09:30am
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    12/15/19 10:30am
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